Welcome to Good Farming Planning Hub

Welcome to Good Farming Planning Hub, 

 Thank you for being interested in our work. This is the first Good Farm Planning Hub blog. Good Farm is just getting started by developing a website and engaging with farmers across Taranaki to start more conversations that support building farm planning capability. Our blogs are a small update on what we are up to now, and what’s up next. 

To cut to the chase, what is happening this month is:

  • Our new website is live! The new website contains a collection  of useful resources including several great videos and templates from different organisations. Have a look around to find the resources that best suit you.
  • Local Taranaki papers will publish an article describing the background of Good Farm, and what we hope to achieve for Taranaki Farmers.
  • We’re busy setting up a calendar of interesting and useful events to help you navigate the stormy seas of government regulations and freshwater planning.

Check out the Taranaki Catchment Communities’ Facebook feed for more news, events, and tips!

Curious farm fact to finish: Did you know that cows have accents? Cows moo in a different accent depending on where they are from.

Till next time.

Nga mihi nui,

Working together to support
Taranaki farmers