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Good Farm resources are designed to cover all aspects of Integrated Farm Planning, while showcasing stories of farmers just like you who have taken their planning by the horns.

We hope these resources will support, inspire, educate and entertain you, because let’s face it, we all know the thought of putting time aside to plan is painful! Good Farm is here to ease that pain.

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Thinking about Biodiversity actions across a Landscape

This image shows a number of actions across a landscape which can be used as a win for native biodiversity, and a win for farming communities.

Constructed wetland guidelines

Constructed wetlands are a water quality restoration tool that can reduce levels of sediment, nutrients and microbes such as E. coli. This can significantly improve the water quality exiting the wetland, and the ecology of downstream water bodies.

Riparian Buffer Design Guide

This guide discusses design principles and provides high-level information about the likely performance of riparian buffers.

Taranaki Intensive Winter Grazing rules

Here’s all the information about the rules around Intensive Winter Grazing.

Ag Matters

Practical information, backed by science, to help farmers and growers get to grips with climate change.

Good Farm planning key to farmers’ futures

Media Release outlining where the project came from.

Fresh Water Quality – Taranaki Regional Council

Clean, healthy water is the region’s most precious resource, and the Council’s programmes and rules aim to help the community maintain and improve water quality.

Plant Selection Tool

The Planting Tool builds on Council information and guides, by summarising the key issues, objectives and most common site conditions, and identifying the plants known to perform in those specific circumstances.

Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring Guide

A decision support tool by Cawthron that helps you measure how effective your biodiversity restoration actions are.

DairyNZ Planning

DairyNZ has developed a set of articles to help inform dairy planning. Why plan? As a business owner, planning is an essential tool in helping you build a successful business, as it helps to clarify goals and strategies for your business to ensure you are achieving the best results.

MPI Integrated Farm Planning

This website gives you the background to the IFP work, and also lists all the different planning programs industry groups use currently. There are a range of tools and templates available for download.

Farming with Native Biodiversity

This beautiful website holds a range of biodiversity resources developed with farming in mind. If you are looking to get started on creating a legacy, and bringing more health to your landscape, this is the place to dive in. The resources include farmer led interviews, workshop tools and a fantastic, interactive eLearning course.

Farm 4 Life – Farm Business Planning – Getting Started

Short videos explaining why to plan, and how to develop your vision, goals, accountability and how to get started. We highly recommend it!

Farm Safety Management System eLearning Module

This eLearning module from Beef & Lamb will help you learn how to plan to manage risks on-farm and learn how to implement those plans for better health, safety and productivity on farm.

Biosecurity eLearning Module

This eLearning module from Beef & Lamb will help you learn how to plan for and apply Biosecurity measures on-farm.

Waste and chemicals

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has published the first three of nine interactive online learning modules to support farmers to adopt an integrated farm planning approach. This module will help you learn how to manage waste and chemicals on-farm. All on-line learning modules under the IFP project are free to use.

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